Les Cerisiers Gîtes
Two spacious wheelchair friendly gîtes​​
Deux gîtes spacieux accessible aux fauteuils roulants
Gîte 1 wetroom
This wetroom is xm x xm. It has a height adjustable shower a lowered handbasin and mirror and toilet with a raised seat if required. The grab rail is on your left when you are on the loo!
Self propelled shower chair
We have a shower chair in each gîte one has a joined foot rest the other has seperate. These chairs can be used in the shower , as a commode or rolled over the loo.
We decided very early on in the renovation that we would make the gîtes wheelchair friendly. Both gîtes have ground floor double bedrooms gîte 1 is more spacious than gîte 2. All the light switches and plug sockets are 1 metre high, the internal ground floor doors are also 1 metre wide. Each kitchen area has a lowered workspace for a wheelchair to slide underneath. Both gîtes have a wet room although gîte 1 is the most spacious we were restricted on the size in gîte 2. We have a self propelled shower chair in each gîte and each wet room has grab rails although we understand not in the best place for everybody. We are able to hire electric hoists and electric beds from the local pharmacy . *The equipment is of a high standard and I can arrange it to be here for your arrival. The cost to hire the equipment is very reasonable and I do not charge to organise this for you. If you can let me know at the time of booking and I will diary the information for the pharmacy.
*Equipment hire
I have taken this photograph to show the hire equipment in the bedroom of gîte 1. This room is xm x xm and is large enough to take a double bed at the same time. Gîte 2 downstairs double room is able to take the electric bed and a single bed if required.